OTOSAN ear wax candles, ear candling

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OTOSAN ear wax candles, ear candling

Otosan reg; Ear candle

  • Otosan reg; Ear candle with four safety devices and the patented Comfy reg; Applicator.
  • The candle creates a chimney effect that helps remove wax or earplugs.
  • With beneficial propolis.

Otosan reg; Ear candle with four safety devices and the patented Comfy reg; Applicator. The candle creates a chimney effect, which helps remove wax or earplugs. With beneficial propolis. The heart of the ear candle is in the core. This ensures the chimney effect. When the candle is lit in the ear, there is a downward draft of air, which creates a slight overpressure. After half of the ear candle has burned out, the air flow changes upwards, which leads to a pressure relief. By alternating the pressure conditions, in addition to removing the ear wax, blood circulation in the ear is promoted and the lymph flow is stimulated. With its cleansing effect and soothing warmth, the Otosan reg;Ear candles also help with complaints such as ringing and whistling in the ears, background noise and fluctuating ear pressure. The ear candle is also recommended after a stay in the mountains, air travel or diving, as it can provide the necessary pressure compensation. The ear candles of Otosan reg;are enriched with beneficial propolis. Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees with beneficial properties. Modern medical science has shown that propolis has a general probiotic effect and has a protective function for the ear. The propolis contained in it releases volatile substances when burned, which slowly penetrate the ear canal and strengthen the natural defenses of the ears. It also promotes blood circulation. When it comes to ear candles, the safety aspect is particularly important. Hence the ear candles of Otosan reg;provided with four safety devices: 1. Flame stop ring The flame stop ring extinguishes the flame after it has reached the end. 2. Protective disk Protects the face and ear from possible falling wax during the treatment. 3. Stop-drop device Prevents possible trickling debris and other combustion residues from entering the ear. 4. Comfy applicator The Otosan reg; Ear candle is with the patented Comfy reg;System equipped. This soft earpiece adapts perfectly to your ear and thus enhances the chimney effect. These four safety devices ensure safe use. The ear candle is also suitable for use with children. It is also recommended for people who work in a dusty environment or who wear hearing aids. Otosan reg; Ear candles are suitable for: Excessive ear wax Advantages of Otosan reg; Ear candle: With beneficial propolis Safe use thanks to four safety devices Patented Comfy reg; Applicator Otosan reg; has been one of the leading providers for years thanks to the four safety devices. We recommend Otosan reg;Ear candles in combination with Otosan reg; Ear spray or Otosan reg; To apply ear drops. Our Opinion: The Otosan reg; Ear candles are a medical device. In addition to the safety devices described above, they are manufactured in Europe under the most modern and highest quality standards. Otosan reg; Ear candles cannot be compared to ordinary ear candles. There are ear candles on the market which do not create a chimney effect, have no safety rings or no ear applicator. Most of them come from countries in which manufacturing conditions and ingredients are not known. Contents: 2 candles; one for each ear. Otosan reg;Ear candles are a medical device. For use and further information, please read the package insert. Also read our information on colds 

OTOSAN ear wax candles, ear candling application
The correct use of ear candles
  • 1. Insert the narrow part of the candle 1 cm deep into the Comfy reg; Applicator. Make sure that there is no other Comfy reg inside the candle Applicator is located.
  • 2. Insert the cone into the protective disc (silver side up) until it is under the flame arresting ring. Light the wider side of the cone.
  • 3. Lay your head on a flat pillow and let the Comfy reg; Carefully insert the applicator into the ear. Make sure that the cone is always vertical.
  • 4. When the candle has burned to the flame arresting ring, carefully remove it from your ear and extinguish it in a glass of water. Repeat the treatment on the other ear.