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Otosan Spray ear spray 50 ml


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Otosan Spray ear spray 50 ml

Otosan Spray with organic plant extracts is an innovative product for removing earwax and daily ear hygiene.

It provides a gentle yet effective action for cleaner and healthier ears as it removes excess earwax from the ear canal and, when used regularly, prevents earwax build-up.

Otosan spray does not contain artificial colors and preservatives and guarantees a high level of tolerance.

How Otosan ear spray works

Otosan Spray® combines the cleansing effectiveness of an isotonic salt solution with the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil and the synergistic effect of extracts from organically grown plants: Aloe Vera - moisturizing properties, Lemon - outstanding cleansing properties, Chamomile - soothing effect, Calendula – has a calming effect, Mallow – an excellent emollient.


water, marigold flower extract*, chamomile flower extract*, tea tree oil, lemon peel extract 0.5%*, wild mallow leaf extract*, aloe leaf extract*, sodium chloride.

* Organic/Bio

How to use Otosan?

It is recommended to use Otosan Spray daily as a preventive measure to maintain ear hygiene and remove wax plugs.