OVIDOplus M1 Effect soft capsules 60 pcs against premature fatigue

Ovidoplus Healthfood GmbH Markus Kurz

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OVIDOplus M1 Effect, OVIDO plus M1 against premature fatigue
Food supplement

OVIDO plus M1 is based on the principle of orthomolecular medicine, for which micronutrients are used to support the body in special life situations.

OVIDO-plus M1 provides important micronutrients for athletic performance and supports performance, promotes regeneration and strengthens resistance.

This combination of active ingredients, composed of the body's own building materials (essential and semi-essential amino acids), has been specially developed for athletes and provides targeted support against premature fatigue.

It is known that you consume carbohydrates and fats when you exercise. What is less well known, however, is that important amino acids are also broken down. A basic deficiency in amino acids leads to fatigue and heavy legs, despite an adequate supply of carbohydrates or fats. The basic building blocks in the body are amino acids and therefore indispensable for the energy balance and the oxygen supply. OVIDO plus M1 therefore contains all the essential amino acids to immediately compensate for direct consumption during sport.

Special combination of active ingredients for athletes OVIDO plus M1 with its ingredients corresponds to the special needs of athletes. If you take OVIDO plus M1 approx. 10 minutes before intensive training units and competitions, you will precisely meet the increased nutritional requirements in your body.

OVIDOplus M1 Effect against premature fatigue Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.