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OXYwatt Mint 500ml, pure oxygen, oxygen therapy, canned oxygen


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  • Oxygen therapy, canned oxygen. 95% pure oxygen for a very refreshing, minty flavor - OXYwatt Mint.An additional portion of oxygen will increase the capacity of the organism in situations of weakness and the exhausting heat will catch his breath.

Oxygen - 95%, atmospheric air - 5%, aroma fragrance (mint).

Refreshing mint and serving nearly pure oxygen. The preparation OXYwatt works by stimulating brain cells and muscle tissue by accelerating their work. This injection of freshness in situations requiring a high level of mental ability or physical fitness. A few breaths of oxygen concentration will increase, stimulate creative thinking, reduce the impact of stress on your body. Increase strength and endurance, podkręci metabolism and your body will recover faster after exercise. You no longer need to practice yoga and focus on the breath, to get clarity of mind! Just OXYwatt Mint. It is better oxygenated body will give you good mood and restful sleep. In exceptional situations, eg. During the long hours of driving gives you energy and odgoni fatigue in the hot summer days when the air is thin will help to breathe, and those that are hard odchorowują event, will reduce the effects of a hangover.

OXYwatt Mint recommended for use to increase physical and intellectual. Especially recommended as a means of improving memory and concentration; speeding up metabolism; regeneration of the body after excessive physical exertion, athletes and people performing physical labor; to assist in hot weather.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

mask applied to the face in such a way as to cover the nose and mouth. Press the lever for approximately 1-2 seconds, at the same time you should inhale the oxygen released. During one session, you can apply for 3-5 breaths.