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Ozonated olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, Healing power OlivioX³

Lebenskraft Manufaktur GmbH

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Extra virgin olive oil, Healing power, Ozonated olive oil OlivioX³ 

OlivioX³ - Extra strong ozonated olive oil, extra virgin olive oil


OlivioX³ is highly ozonated oil. Its consistency is like an ointment, the color is almost transparent and the smell is reminiscent of cucumber or melon. The active oxygen is transported deep into all layers of the skin through the bond between the molecules of the oil and released there into the tissue. This enables better cellular respiration and the resulting increased oxygen supply to the skin can reverse processes that have already begun.


Application Ozonated olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, Healing power OlivioX³ :

Can be used very well as a skin balm and is ideal for intensive care of itchy, heavily stressed skin, wrinkles, hardened scar tissue and much more.


Ozonated olive oil, Healing power OlivioX³ extra virgin olive oil Ingredients:

EXTRA Virgin olive oil, ozone

Instructions for use:
Cosmetic product

Cool and protected from light, ideally in the refrigerator. Keep out of the reach of children and young people.

Shelf life:
24 months