PANAX GINSENG D 6 globules

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PANAX GINSENG D 6 globules

Active ingredient: Panax ginseng (homeopathic)

pack size:10g Dosage form:globules.

Homeopathic medicine.


active Panax ginseng ingredients


  • Panax ginseng in homeopathic dilution

Panax ginseng excipients

  • sucrose

Homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without a therapeutic indication.

Contains sucrose.

Both American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L.) and Asian ginseng (P. Ginseng) may boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage sexual dysfunction in men.

Ginsenoside Rg1 (10 mg/kg), the major active constituent in Panax ginseng, is responsible for the increase of serum testosterone levels and improvement of copulatory behavior observed.