Panax quinquefolius, Selenicereus grandiflorus, SYNERGON COMPLEX 18b Nuphar drops

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SYNERGON COMPLEX 18b Nuphar drops, Panax quinquefolius, Selenicereus grandiflorus

pack size:50ml Dosage form:drops

Panax quinquefolius homeopathy uses:

What is Panax quinquefolius used for?

Both American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L.) and Asian ginseng (P. Ginseng) may boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage sexual dysfunction in men.

Selenicereus grandiflorus homeopathy uses:

Traditional Uses
Cereus or Cactus grandiflorus (now classified as Selenicereus grandifloras) is a folkloric medicine used as a heart tonic for blood pressure regulation and the management of the symptoms of congestive heart failure.

Turnera diffusa homeopathy uses:

Uses & Effectiveness
  • Sexual problems. ...
  • Weight loss. ...
  • Headaches.
  • Bedwetting.
  • Depression.
  • Nervous upset stomach.
  • Constipation.
  • Boosting mental and physical stamina.

digitalis purpurea homeopathy uses:

Digitalis Purpurea Dilution is a multipurpose health tonic which is used to treat disorders of the heart, kidneys and skin. It heals cuts and wounds and can be used to cure aconite poisoning. It helps in strengthening heart muscles and protects from heart failures.

Nuphar lutea homeopathy uses:

Different parts of Nuphar lutea L. (yellow water lily) have been used to treat several inflammatory and pathogen-related diseases. It has shown that Nuphar lutea extracts (NUP) are active against various pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and leishmanial parasites.

Lytta vesicatoria homeopathy uses:

Vesicatoria is a useful homeopathic remedy which is primarily used for the treatment of urinary tract infection and abdominal disorders. It is strongly indicated in liver troubles and conditions associated with respiratory organs.

Vitex agnus-castus homeopathy uses:

Agnus castus is also used in human homeopathy as the mother tincture as well as in lower concentrations. In human phytotherapy, the drug (dried fruits of Vitex agnus-castus) is used for treatment of mastodynia and symptoms related to female cycle disorders.

Delphinium staphysagria homeopathy uses:

Staphysagria is primarily marketed as a homeopathic remedy for surgical wounds and cuts. Also, according to one homeopathy reference, it's used to treat anxiety, tooth problems, and genitourinary disorders, which affect the urinary and genital organs.

Lactuca sativa homeopathy uses:

a headache with difficulty in breathing, heavy stomach with excessive flatulence, pain in stomach, and spasmodic cough. It also helps in regulating menses, and increase milk production in lactating mothers. It helps cure insomnia. Also, it provides relief from joint pains, and cramps in calves.

phosphoric acid homeopathy uses:

Acid Phosphoric Dilution is a homoeopathic tincture that helps deal with multiple health disorders. It also manages physical as well as mental weakness caused due to grief or trauma. It helps enhance memory and concentration and helps manage weakness and exhaustion caused due to loss of vital fluids.

Selenium homeopathy uses:

Selenium is used to treat or prevent selenium deficiency. Selenium has been used in alternative medicine as an aid to treat Hashimoto's thyroiditis (an autoimmune disorder of the thyroid), and to treat high cholesterol.


active Panax quinquefolius, Selenicereus grandiflorus, SYNERGON COMPLEX 18b Nuphar drops ingredients


  • 50 mg Panax quinquefolius D2
  • 100 mg Selenicereus grandiflorus D2
  • 100 mg Turnera diffusa D2
  • 100 mg digitalis purpurea D4
  • 100 mg Nuphar lutea D2
  • 100 mg Lytta vesicatoria D4
  • 100 mg Vitex agnus-castus D2
  • 100 mg Delphinium staphysagria D3
  • 50 mg Lactuca sativa D1
  • 100 mg phosphoric acid D3
  • 100 mg Selenium D16

Panax quinquefolius, Selenicereus grandiflorus, SYNERGON COMPLEX 18b Nuphar drops excipients

  • ethanol

Synergon 18b Nuphar drops

field of use

  • Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of a therapeutic indication.


Panax quinquefolius, Selenicereus grandiflorus, SYNERGON COMPLEX 18b Nuphar drops Composition:

Active ingredients: Selenium, Delphinium staphisagria, Panax quinquefolius, Digitalis purpurea, Acidum phosphoricum, Nuphar lutea, Lactuca sativa, Lytta vesicatoria, Selenicereus grandiflorus, Turnera diffusa, Vitex agnus-castus.


Panax quinquefolius, Selenicereus grandiflorus, SYNERGON COMPLEX 18b Nuphar drops Notice:


  • Contains 64% alcohol by volume

Net capacity:
50 ml

Manufacturer data:
Kattwiga Arzneimittel GmbH
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48529 Nordhorn