Dexpanthenol PANTHENOL emulsion foam 5% 150ml


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Dexpanthenol Panthenol 5% aerosol is a convenient and effective way to protect and care for dry, irritated and damaged skin. The emulsion is recommended especially after thermal and solar burns to relieve irritation and redness.

Dexpanthenol PANTHENOL emulsion foam 5% Composition:
Dexpanthenol 5%

Action Dexpanthenol PANTHENOL emulsion:
Panthenol Emulsion 5% in the form of a convenient and safe foam, is a preparation that applied to irritated, dried or sintered skin, brings her immediate relief and a pleasant feeling of coolness. Panthenol Emulsion 5%, perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and ensures the proper course of metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis. In addition, the use of the preparation on damaged skin, increases its resistance to additional mechanical damage, makes it more elastic and accelerates skin regeneration processes.

Application Dexpanthenol:
Panthenol Emulsion 5%, effectively protects and cares for dry, irritated and damaged skin - especially after burns. It has a soothing, cooling effect, increases skin elasticity and hydration and accelerates its regeneration.

Directions for use:
Spray irritated skin several times a day, keeping the container 10-20cm from the sprayed surface of the body.