PARA FARM oral fluid 30ml

Invent Farm

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PARA FARM in the form of an oral liquid with a natural composition, allows you to maintain the health of the body and protects it against colonization by pathogenic fungi, bacteria and parasites. Para Farm also supports the digestive system.

Glycerin-water herb extract of Herba Absinthii (wormwood herb) - 24%, Radix Inulae (omani root) - 24%, Herba Thymi (thyme herb) - 16%, Folium Salviae (sage leaf) - 14%, Fructus Foeniculi (fennel fruit) - 9%, Herba Thymus Serpyllum (thyme herb) - 9%, Radix Althaeae (marshmallow root) - 2%. Excipients: potassium sorbate (preservative)

The preparation belongs to the broad category of complex dietary supplements of natural origin. Prevents the development of parasites and indigestion. It exhibits anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and supports digestive and immune function. Has a beneficial effect on the detoxification process.

The preparation is recommended to be used as part of an antiparasitic treatment.

Use orally. For adults, give 2 ml x 2 / 24h for 0.5 hour before eating for a week. In children over 3 years of age 0.75 ml x 2 / 24h for 0.5 hour before eating for a week. Do not administer for more than 3 months.