Parasine PLUS x 100 capsules, body detox


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  • Body detox. Parasine PLUS is a product of the antiseptic, bacteriostatic and bactericidal. Body detox stimulates digestion and helps remove parasites from the body. Increases the excretion of urine.

2 capsules. Include: Italian nutshell - 138.4 mg, St. John's knotweed - 126.9 mg, cloves - 103.9 mg, sage leaf - 92.3 mg, garlic - 80.7 mg, gentian root - 69.2 mg, fenugreek seeds - 57.7 mg, chamomile flowers - 46.2 mg, fruit of black pepper - 34.6 mg, peppermint leaf - 23.0 mg, leaf thyme - 115.4 mg, fennel fruit - 11.7 mg, gelatin (plant).

Dietary supplement is a unique combination of ingredients to support the removal from the body parasitic bacteria and toxic substances. A source of juglonu - a strong antiseptic contained in the shell of a walnut. Leaf sage leaf and thyme cause the inactivation and removal of parasites present in the body. Garlic has a strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. Fenugreek seeds stimulate digestive activity and facilitate the absorption of nutrients from food. Knotweed herb contains flavonoids that increase the excretion of urine and support the removal of excess sodium and chloride ions from the body. It protects the liver, protecting it from toxic metabolites.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product
- use in children below 10 years of age
- pregnancy and lactation

Body detox is recommended to use the product in order to remove from the body of parasites and toxins.

How to use:
Apply orally. For the first 10 days taking 2 kaps./24h morning (about 0.5 h before breakfast), then increase the dose to 4 kaps./24h (in the morning) for the next 20 days. Do not use more than 5 kaps./24h. With a glass of still water or juice.