Pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot patch warming, severe back pain


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Pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot patch warming x 1 piece, severe back pain

  • Slices warming pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot bring relief to aching backs, cross, neck or when doskwierają rheumatic pains. The patch directly affects the affected area, heating them, reduces discomfort and pain.


Ingredients Pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot patch warming, severe back pain:

Iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon, vermiculite.

Useful for people whose pain prevents normal functioning. Plaster warming pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot brings relief, reduces their pain and relaxes the deep muscles. Plaster operates 14 hours, but the optimum result is maintained to 12. The article reaches an average temperature of the 52st. C. After sticking it can be assumed clothes and freely perform daily activities.


Applications Pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot patch warming, severe back pain:

Medical device pargyline (Pyralgina) Termo Hot recommended for use for muscle pain, back pain, shoulder, cross, neck tendons, rheumatic pains.

Additional information:
The product disposable. People with circulatory disorders, skin diseases, arthritis, diabetes and pregnant women before applying the patch should consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Keep out of the reach of children. The patch should not be cut, tear, damage. Included in the patch powdered iron can be harmful if swallowed.

Do not use on broken, irritated skin after injection, after bathing, immediately after the injury. Contraindication is the simultaneous topical application to the skin of other medicinal products, as well as other heat sources. Not suitable for use in people who have difficulty feeling the heat or are not in a position to remove the patch, where they can not count on the help of another person. Do not use in children under 12 years of age.


Usage Pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot patch warming, severe back pain:

For external use. Carefully remove the patch from the sachet always immediately before use. Remove the protective tape from the adhesive side of the patch and immediately stick in the affected area (skin in this place should be clean and dry, you can also stick to clothing that adheres directly to the body). Temperature patch will gradually increase. Optimum results can be achieved by holding the patch for 12 hours. However, you can not use it in the same location for too long, if necessary patch can be stuck onto the same place after 24 hours. If you experience intense sweating, the patch is peeled off.

Pargyline (Pyralgina) Thermo Hot patch warming, severe back pain