Pargyline (Pyralgina) THERMO HOT slice warming x 30 pieces, lower back pain


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  • Pargyline (Pyralgina)THERMO HOT in the form of a patch warming is responsible for the topical soothing aches and pains of muscles, back, shoulders and neck, lasting up to 12-14 hours.

iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon, vermiculite

A medical device which acting for 12-14 hours loosens even deep muscles while warming them, which in turn relieves the symptoms felt pain muscles, back, shoulders and neck. It stimulates the blood circulation at the site of use and neutralizes their pain.

- under 12 years of age
- use at night to sleep
- irritation, injury to the skin, should not be used as the injection site
- bath or shower
- use along with other preparations of local use

Apply for pain of a local on muscles, back, shoulders and neck.

Stick the patch at the site where the pain is, leave at 10am. In the same place it can be used again only after 24 hours.