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  • Parin-POS Eye ointment. Sterile ophthalmic Parin-POS Eye ointment Parin-Pos does not contain any preservative. It consists primarily heparin, thanks to her ointment reduces redness, irritation and burning eyes.

Parin-POS Composition:
heparin sodium in an amount of 1300 international units per gram, obtained from porcine intestinal mucosa, thick paraffin, lanolin and white petrolatum.

Response Parin-POS:
The Eye ointment is prepared on the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva protective film is stable and transparent. The product will also improve the quality of the tear film. It reduces the unpleasant burning sensation, itching, and redness and irritation. Ointment Parin-Pos can be applied to the surface of the eye - the cornea and conjunctiva, and also used as a care for eyelids and eye area. The active substance contained in the ointment is heparin, which bears similarities to the mucous layer of tears, so it is well tolerated. Formula ointment is rich in fat, so it can cause slight deterioration of visual effectiveness, it is recommended to use the preparation before going to sleep.

Parin-POS Applications:
Medical device Parin-Pos eye ointment for use with irritated eyes (redness, burning, itching) caused by external aggressions (strong sunshine, wind, air, dust, desiccated air, long-term driving a car or staring at a monitor) and also being the adverse symptoms of the use of certain medications.

Additional information:
Ointment contains no preservatives. Should be used within 3 months of opening. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the ointment. Do not use while wearing contact lenses.

How to use:
Before use, it is recommended to wash your hands. To facilitate application, you can slightly tilt the head back. Use your finger to gently pull the eyelid and press the conjunctival sac of a small amount of ointment, close the lid. Ointment applied on the eyelids or around the eyes is recommended to spread the finger.

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