Parsley health, Juice 100% apple parsley dogwood 300ml


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Parsley health. An absolute hit - Juice 100% apple parsley dogwood! The non-classical combination resulted in a deep, non-obvious taste, broken parsley note and seductive aroma. In addition, the juice Parsley health contains a portion of vitamin C.

Ingredients Parsley health:
Parsley health directly pressed apple juice - 81.5%, parsley juice from concentrated juice - 15.8%, dogwood puree - 2.7%, enriching substance: vitamin C

Nutritional value in 100g of product: energy value - 178kJ / 42kcal; fat - 0g, including: saturated fatty acids - 0g; carbohydrates - 9.7g, including: sugars - 9.6g; protein - 0.2g; salt - 0g; vitamin C - 24mg (30% of the reference intake).

Parsley health Action and application:
Juice 100% apple parsley dogwood is the quintessence of the gifts of nature! Juice pressed directly from apples in combination with parsley juice and dogwood puree acquires a completely new taste in which you will fall in love. Unusual ingredients of the juice is a guarantee that the juice not only tastes delicious, but also smells extremely appetizing. The bonus is an additional portion of vitamin C. This juice is a great alternative to traditional fruit juices, ideal for a bag or backpack.

Additional information Parsley health:
Protect from the sun. Keep the product Parsley health out of reach of children at room temperature. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 48 hours. Pasteurized product. Sedimentation is a natural phenomenon. Shake well before drinking. The color and taste of the juice in individual batches may vary slightly depending on the varieties of fruit used.

Parsley health Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the juice.

Net volume: 300ml.