PASCOFEMIN SL drops 20ml flushing, mood swings, diaphoresis

Pascoe pharmaceutical preparations GmbH

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Homeopathic medicinal product

areas of application:
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic medicinal product pictures.

This includes: Menstrual disorders.

Contains 34% alcohol by volume.

PASCOFEMIN SL drops 20 ml flushing, mood swings, diaphoresis

  • PASCOFEMIN one of homeopathic preparations used orally in the form of drops which can neutralize the symptoms of menopause - flushing, diaphoresis, mood swings, fatigue.

PASCOFEMIN drops flushing, mood swings, diaphoresis Ingredients:
100g drops contains: Vitex agnus castus D2 20.0 g Cimcifuga racemosa D3 20.0 g Caulophyllum thalictrides D2 7.5 g Fraxinus americana D3 7.5 g Senecio aureus D5 7.5 g Pulsatilla pratensis D4 7.5 g Lilium 7.5 g lancifolium D3 D4 Strychnos Ignatii Aletris 7.5 g 7.5 g farinosa D3 D3 chamaelirium 7.5 g

PASCOFEMIN drops flushing, mood swings, diaphoresis Action:
The preparation homeopathic administered orally in the form of drops, which, thanks to its unique composition alternatively work on the functioning of the body. Belongs to the category of adjuvant drugs to neutralize the symptoms of menopause - hot flashes, diaphoresis, mood swings and fatigue.

The product is intended for use in women in the period around menopause.

Use orally at a dose of 10-15 x 3 drops / 24 to 15 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after ingestion.