PASOCARE MED Sterile plaster bandage 10cm x 20cm x 1 piece


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The Pasocare sterile dressing patch is a product intended for wound protection. The product absorbs blood or exudate, also protects the wound from infection. The product is made of soft non-woven fabric. Slice size: 10cm x 20cm.

Composition of Pasocare Med Sterile plaster dressing:

Non-woven fabric, viscose, polyester, hypoallergenic adhesive.

Operation of Pasocare Med Sterile plaster dressing:

The highest quality non-woven dressing plaster! This product is intended to absorb exudate and blood from wounds. The Pasocare Med sterile bandage patch protects the wound against infection and also protects against the spread of infection. Dimensions: 10cm x 20cm.

Pasocare Med Sterile bandage patch intended for use in wound protection.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

How to use the Pasocare Med sterile bandage patch:

The patch should be used immediately after removal from the packaging. Apply on a cleaned, disinfected and dried wound. Disposable product.