Pear healthcare solutions, APTEO CARE Pear with soft end No. 2 x 1 piece

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  • Pear healthcare solutions. Regular cleansing of the nose and ears in children is very important to prevent the development of various infections associated with residual cattle or cerumen. Pear with soft end No. 2 Apteo Care will enable quick cleaning of the ears and nose.

Pear with the soft end Apteo Care is one of the easiest ways to remove the nasal mucus and to clean the ears from accumulated water and wax. Thus regular use of the pears helps to prevent upper respiratory tract infections and ear inflamed. Pear No. 2 is ideal for children and babies.

Medical device Apteo Care Pear with a soft tip No. 2 intended for use in the removal of nasal mucus, as well as for the removal of cerumen and ear water in infants and children.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. The pear is not suitable for use in a microwave oven. You can not use any disinfectants to clean it.

Directions for use:
Use as intended. Only an adult can use the pear. After each use, thoroughly clean the pear.