PEARL WHITE toothpaste 75ml, teeth whitening kits


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  • White Pearl paste is designed for people who want to care for white teeth. It is dedicated to the daily and long-term use.

For people who have previously benefited from a full treatment white pearl SYSTEM is the right way for as long as possible to maintain the effects of the treatment carried out. People using fast cure SIMPLE may apply Past White Pearl in support of efficacy of treatment SIMPLE. People with a natural and neat white teeth should apply a paste White Pearl in order to maintain white, and even improve it.Whitening efficacy PASTE White Pearl is associated with the user consumption mode (smoking, consumption of coffee, tea, coloring products teeth).

Most of the past, especially bleaching available in the market is based on the principle of mechanical abrasion of the raid and the substances contained in the enamel. Such a mechanism exposes whitening teeth and gum irritation. PASTA White Pearl is based on the enzymatic bleaching, which is not working by abrasion. The enzyme - glucose oxidase -the distribution of the organic substances contained in the form of a raid on the teeth and in the form of spots contained in the enamel. Regular, daily use PASTE White Pearl allows you to remove the existing organic discoloration and prevents the formation of new raids. Because of the enzyme and not the abrasive whitening effect - paste can be applied continuously and permanently.Those who expect a short period of time to get radical whitening effect should apply the full treatment whitening White Pearl SYSTEM.

Toothpaste Pearl White should be used 2-3 times a day brushing for about 2-3minuty. The mechanism of action of enzymatic bleaching does not require the use of a stiff brush, which can have a detrimental effect on the gums. Use the brush soft and medium.