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PEARLY mini version of Lady Comp, female contraceptives, ovulation calculator, ovulation calendar

Valley Electronics

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  • PEARLY an excellent alternative to traditional methods of contraception. With daily measurements of temperature when you wake up it convenient to use the device will indicate the time of ovulation, fertile days and infertile.

The computer cycle Pearly is highly effective application. Research shows that ensures the safety of 99.36%. The device is extremely easy to use. Just every day to measure the temperature (by inserting the tip of the sensor into the mouth under the tongue in the lateral position). Obtaining such data, it allows the computer to indicate the time of ovulation, fertile days (marked in red) and infertile (marked in green). This clever device of small, pocket size will also inform about the possibility of becoming pregnant on day 18 after ovulation by simultaneous illumination of all the indicators of green, red and yellow. Anovulatory cycles signaled by a red indicator. The yellow LED indicates the period gdyurządzenie learns or the day when the temperature measurement is omitted, the delay ovulation.

Software: PEARLY
Power source: built-in battery (can withstand 2-3 years)
Display: Non-illuminated LCD
Weight: 52 g
Temperature range: 34,50-41,00 ° C with an accuracy of 0.01 degree Celsius
Auto Power Off: Yes (after 30 seconds of inactivity)
Dimensions: oval shape - 7 x 10 cm, 2.5 cm in height kit includes: a device case, instruction manual, warranty card

It is recommended to use the device for determining when there are fertile and infertile days. Recommended within the framework of natural contraception.

How to use:
Apply externally. Using the tip of a sensor to measure body temperature every day when you wake up. Said tip insert into the mouth under the tongue in the lateral position. The measurement takes about 30-40 seconds (the end of the sound signals, and displays the result). The time limit in which the temperature must be measured, is determined for six hours and includes three hours before and three hours after the time of detecting the temperature of the previous day.