PECTIN HERB 100 tablets

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PECTIN HERB 100 tablets

Pectin Herb is a dietary supplement designed to lower blood cholesterol. The active ingredient in Pectin Herb binds to certain substances in the gut and forms insoluble compounds that are excreted from the body. Helps clear cholesterol plaques from blood vessels and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. It removes from the body the toxic heavy metals - lead, mercury, manganese, cadmium and other organic toxins.

Regulates the proper functioning of the intestinal tract - prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms, normalizes the intestinal microflora, soothes inflamed intestines and regulates their emptying. Pectin Herb promotes weight loss as it speeds up metabolism and fat breakdown.

It is recommended to take the product for colitis, elevated levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood, steatosis, diarrhea, gas, acute colitis.


in 3 tablets

in 4 tablets

in 5 tablets

in 6 tablets

Apple pectin

990 mg

1320 mg

1650 mg

1980 mg

Excipients: emulsifiers: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate

Net weight of the package: 50 g


3 to 6 tablets daily, half an hour before meals. For optimal effect, use the product for at least two months.

Do not exceed the daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of small children. In pregnancy and lactation to be taken after consulting a doctor.