Pediakid Bebe Gaz 12 sachets


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Pediakid Bebe Gaz. Digestive problems in babies and young children are quite common. The imperfection of their digestive system leads to intestinal gas retention, pain and irritability. The baby's crying can lead to severe stress in the parents. PEDIAKID Bébé Gaz includes natural plant extracts that improve digestive comfort - dill (200 mg), mint (10 mg), lemon balm (10 mg) and chamomile (10 mg). Dill and mint help reduce gas, and balm and chamomile improve intestinal ailments. For easier intake, this product is made in the form of powder sticks that can be dissolved in various beverages. Gluten free!

Pediakid Bebe Gaz Recommended dose: Suitable for infants, babies and young children!

1-2 sticks a day, diluted in water (20-30 ml) between meals or in a bottle of milk, for intake during meals.

Consume within 1 hour after reconstitution or within 12 hours if refrigerated.

Pack of 12 sticks