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PEDIAKID NOSE and THROAT syrup 125ml.


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PEDIAKID NOSE and THROAT syrup is a combined herbal product to strengthen the child's body and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.

The syrup contains selected natural ingredients that soothe and clear the airways.

With a light aroma of honey and natural lemon extract.

With prebiotic and agave syrup! Gluten free!

PEDIAKID NOSE and THROAT syrup Active ingredients:

Soothing the throat:

Thyme extract - 245 mg;

Primrose extract - 245 mg;

Lime extract - 245 mg.

Improving breathing comfort:

Mallow extract - 245 mg;

Black elderberry extract - 245 mg;

Ginger extract - 245 mg;

Acerola extract - 245 mg;

Propolis - 245 mg.

Important for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin C - 25 mg;

Honey - 0.30 mg.

How to use PEDIAKID NOSE and THROAT syrup: In babies it is taken after the feeding period (from the sixth month). Shake before use!

Children under 5 years: 1-2 times 1 teaspoon;

Children over 5 years: 1-2 times 2 teaspoons;

To be taken for 1 month. It can be repeated several times a year if necessary.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires INELDEA, France.