PEDICETAMOL 100mg / ml 30ml

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  • PEDICETAMOL is a preparation that reduces elevated body temperature and relieves pain with a mild or average character.

1 ml of solution contains 100 mg of paracetamol (10% concentration)

List of excipients:
Contains azorubine (E 122) and small amounts of alcohol, less than 100 mg per dose (0.0012 ml / ml). See leaflet for further information.

The preparation belongs to a wide category of analgesics intended for use in children. It contains paracetamol, which has properties that reduce elevated body temperature and alleviate pain.

Use in the case of increased body temperature lasting no longer than 3 days and pain complaints with mild or moderate severity.

Dosing: To be used
orally. The dose of 15mg / kg administered every 6 hours, and the dose of 10 mg / kg every 4h.