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Pedicure kit, BEURER Manicure set MP 62


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  • Pedicure kit, manicure set. Both women and men most often in the opposite sex pay attention to the hands. This is a reason to always be beautiful and well cared for. The Manicure / Pedicure set MP 62 by Beurer will allow you to take care not only of the hands, but also of the feet.

In the set:
Device; sockets: 10 pieces (sapphire cone, felt cone, sapphire disc, fine grain, cylindrical milling cutter, flame cutter, sapphire circular cutter, needle cutter, sapphire cone, long and coarse grain, sapphire disc, coarse-grained, sand paper cover), disposable overlays with sand paper: 10 pieces; case

A manicure and pedicure set that contains up to 10 caps made of the highest quality materials. Some of the tips are covered with a very durable sapphire coating, while others with felt are perfect for polishing. Thanks to Beurer, professional care of nails and feet is possible at home in front of the TV. The device is very easy to use and its parameters have been selected so that the procedure is as quick and as accurate as possible. The device has a lot of power, it rotates with incredible speed. We also have smooth speed control and the option to set the rotation direction left / right. Nothing will bring more satisfaction than self-styled nails with beautifully smooth skins, as well as perfectly smooth and soft feet. In the set you will find overlays, thanks to which you will get rid of callous epidermis without any major problems. The integrated LED backlight and the dust cover make the job much easier. The product has a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Beurer The MP 62 manicure / pedicure set enables professional care of the hands and feet at home. The product is also recommended for professional use.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of the reach of children. The tips are also adapted for diabetics.

Technical data:
Rotational speed: 2000rpm - 5400rpm / min +/- 20%;
power supply: network.

Warranty: 3 years.