PELBEZ + liquid 120ml immune system boost


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  • PELBEZ syrup thanks to natural ingredients helps to alleviate symptoms of respiratory tract infection. Soothes the throat, larynx and vocal cords, strengthens immunity and fights bacteria.

Glycerol (vehicle), water, L-aspartate, magnesium citrate, root extract of geranium African extract of black elderberry extract, Chamomile extract, linden blossom extract, marshmallow root, thyme herb extract, raspberry flavor , potassium sorbate (preservative), zinc gluconate, citric acid (acidity regulator).
nutritional value in 7.5 ml of syrup: energy 55kJ / 13kcal, fat <0.007g, saturated fatty acids <0.007g, 5 g carbohydrates, sugars 0.02 g, protein 0.2 g, salt 0.001g, geranium root extract African 30 mg, extract of black elderberry 30 mg, chamomile extract 30 mg, marshmallow root extract 30 mg extract of the herb thyme 30 mg , L-magnesium aspartate, 380.5 mg (corresponding to 28.5 mg of magnesium ions), 176.5 mg magnesium citrate (equivalent to 28.5 mg of magnesium ions), 10.455 mg zinc gluconate (equivalent to 1.5 mg of zinc ions )

Agent for the dietary management is characterized by the natural composition. It Contains African geranium with antioxidant properties. A positive effect on respiratory function. Elderberry enhances the process of sweating and antibacterial. Chamomile beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the throat, larynx and vocal cords. It stimulates the body's natural defenses. Lipa strengthens the immune system and acts diaphoretic. Marshmallow root and thyme zile substances through mucous coat the mucous membrane of the throat, larynx and oral cavity. Magnesium helps to regulate electrolyte and is conducive to maintaining proper energy metabolism. Zinc supports the work of the immune system and acts antioxidant.

- allergic to the constituent substances of the product

Use syrup as part of the dietary management in case of respiratory infections in children from 3 years of age.

For oral use. Children aged 3-6 years given 2.5 ml syrup x 3/24. Children over 6 years given 5 ml syrup x 3/24. The product must be diluted before use.