PENIS Marathon N Spray 12 g Lidocaine

Milan Arzneimittel GmbH

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Penis – Marathon ® Lidocaine spray

for use on the skin

Active ingredient: Lidocaine hydochloride x 1H 2 O 1.80 mg.

Other ingredients: glycerol 85%, purified water, ethanol 96%, bitter fennel oil. Area of

PENIS Marathon N Spray 12 g Lidocaine application:

Traditionally used to support the function of the male sexual organ in the event of premature ejaculation: This information is based solely on tradition and many years of experience. The active ingredient lidocaine hydrochloride reduces the sensitivity of the limb (penis) to irritation during sexual intercourse. With Penis-Marathon N, the man has the opportunity to prevent premature ejaculation and thus to experience his orgasm with that of his partner.

PENIS Marathon N Spray Lidocaine Dosage:

Unless otherwise prescribed, if necessary, spray 2-3 sprays onto the surface of the member (penis) a maximum of 3 times a day about 3–10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

PENIS Marathon N Spray Lidocaine Note:
For external use only. Do not spray in the eyes or nose or on open wounds.

Note leaflet!
Store drug out of reach of children!