PEPPERMINT OIL natural essential, Mentha piperita

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PEPPERMINT OIL natural essential, Mentha piperita

Peppermint oil, pure and essential, Mentha piperita

pack size:10ml Dosage form:oil, essential

Mentha piperita

Fragrance character: fresh, minty


PEPPERMINT OIL natural essential, Mentha piperita:

• Cooling, refreshing, invigorating
• Relieves headaches and cold symptoms
• Ideal for aromatherapy and for aroma diffusers
• High-quality violet glass bottle protects the valuable essential oil from UV exposure and ensures longer stability and effectiveness of the oil
• Pure, natural essential oil of therapeutic quality

Peppermint oil has a cooling effect and increases concentration. Its antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect makes it a proven aid in pain therapy. The first signs of an infection can be alleviated by inhaling the expectorant and decongestant peppermint oil.