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PERLWEISS Smoker’s Whitening Toothpaste


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PERLWEISS Smoker’s Whitening Toothpaste

Pack size:50mlDosage form:toothpaste

Smoker's tooth whitening

• unique Perfect White & Fresh formula
• effectively removes stubborn smoker's deposits and discoloration
• daily special dental care
• for teeth with nicotine discoloration
For the freshest breath - despite minor vices.

Who doesn't want sparkling white teeth?! Nowadays, there are many things that can impair the original whiteness of our teeth. For this and especially for the stubborn discoloration caused by nicotine, PERLWEISS research has developed a unique product for the needs of smokers, which tackles the discoloration in no time.

The unique Perfect White & Fresh formula of PERLWEISS SMOKER'S TOOTH WHITENING helps to effectively remove stubborn smoker's deposits and discoloration. The fresh gel also ensures long-lasting fresh breath. The fluoride it contains also protects against tooth decay and is ideal for daily use.

PERLWEISS Smoker’s Whitening Toothpaste