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PEROXYGEL 3% hydrogen peroxide gel 15g


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  • Hydrogen peroxide - 3.0%, is a bactericidal, fungicide and bruising remedy. The formulation in a convenient form of gel, does not drain from the place of application and creates on the surface of the wound special membrane dressings.

Active substance: 100 g of gel contains 10 g hydrogen peroxide 30%.
Hydrogen peroxidum (30mg / g)

Effect: Hydrogen
peroxide - 3.0% peroxygel, it is well known for all oxidized water, but in the form of a convenient gel. The consistency of the preparation does not flow from the site of injury, and thanks to the wound on the surface of the wound, it secures the site of injury or abrasion. Peroxygel is bactericidal and fungicidal.

Oxidized water - peroxygel 3.0%, is a preparation recommended for the treatment of wounds, abrasions and skin scratches.
Do not use on mucous membranes and eyes.