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Hormone-free method of contraception with no side effects

Persona Contraception Monitor is a natural method of contraception. It has no side effects, involves no drugs and is easy to use. It works by monitoring hormone changes in your urine to identify the days of your menstrual cycle when you are likely to become pregnant.


This Advanced Persona monitor is a brand new product from Swiss Precision Diagnostics (the same Company that makes the Clearblue monitor) and it is intended to replace the old Persona Monitor.

What is the Advanced Persona Monitor?

Persona is a natural method of contraception which is hormone free, involves no drugs and is easy to use. Persona consists of a touch screen monitor and simple urine tests.

Persona monitors changes in 2 key fertility hormones – estrogen and luteinising hormone – to identify the days when you can have sex without using contraception (green days) and the days when you are at high risk of becoming pregnant (red days). During the first cycle of use you will be asked to test on 16 days. After your first cycle you will be asked to do a test on 8 days each cycle.

Persona is 94% reliable if you follow the instructions properly and use it as the only method of contraception. This means that if 100 women use Persona for one year, we expect 6 will become pregnant because they have had sex on a day when person incorrectly showed they were not at risk of becoming pregnant (green day).