PERSONA test sticks, 2-month supply 16 pc

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Persona test sticks

A hormone-free contraceptive method without side effects that is 94% reliable. (1) Persona consists of a handy monitor and simple urine tests. In each cycle you will need to do 8 tests (16 tests only in the first cycle) to see changes in the concentration of 2 essential hormones - estrogen and the luteinizing hormone - to find out whether you can have unprotected sex (green days) or there is a risk of pregnancy (red days).

PERSONA test sticks (1) Persona is 94% reliable when the monitor is used as instructed and as the only contraceptive method. That means 6 out of 100 women who use Persona for a year can get pregnant. The typical failure rate when using Persona for one year is equal to the percentage of women who can become pregnant through other barrier methods (e.g. condoms) in the same period.