PERSPI BLOCK, hyperhidrosis treatment


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PERSPI BLOCK x 30 tablets. hyperhidrosis treatment

  • PERSPIBLOCK is a product running on the inside based on natural ingredients, which are responsible for reducing sweating. Exhibit diuretic and sedative.

microcrystalline cellulose (bulking), extract of sage leaves extract, nettle, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (subst. Glazing), an extract of the herb horsetail extract, lemon balm herb, magnesium salts of fatty acids (subst. Glazing), silicon dioxide (subst . filling), titanium dioxide (pigment), hydroxypropyl cellulose (subst. glazing), talk (subst. glazing), vegetable oil, quinoline yellow (color), sunset yellow FCF (dye), beeswax and carnauba wax (subst. Frosting) .

Ingredients PERSPI BLOCK, hyperhidrosis treatment 3 tablets:
Extract from sage leaves (equivalent to 1350 mg of leaves), 337.5 mg
extract of the herb horsetail (equivalent to 450 mg herb) 75 mg
extract of nettle (equivalent to 1200mg herb) 200 mg
extract of the herb lemon balm ( corresponding to 525 mg of herb) 75 mg

Dietary supplement PERSPIBLOCK working from the inside. With plant extracts (with sage leaves, herb horsetail, nettle, lemon balm) helps prevent hyperhydrosis of the body and reduces perspiration while acting diuretic. Additionally, exhibits sedative properties, allowing you to overcome psychological causes of excessive sweating.

PERSPI BLOCK, hyperhidrosis treatment Indications:
product indicated for hyperhidrosis for use on the inside.

Dosage PERSPI BLOCK, hyperhidrosis treatment:
Use orally at a dose of 1 tablet. x 3/24 at the time of eating or after meals.