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PERTUSSIN syrup, loosens mucus and stops coughing!

Abanta Pharma Ltd

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Pertussin ® Syrup, loosens mucus and stops coughing!

pack size:240g Dosage form:syrup

Pertussin – loosens mucus and stops coughing!

  • Vegetable
  • expectorant
  • Antibacterial

Fight colds with the power of thyme. Constant coughing can be very uncomfortable for those affected and disturbing for others. Excessive mucus production in the bronchi causes breathing difficulties, both when breathing in and when breathing out. The doctor calls this a catarrhal disease of the respiratory tract. The irritated bronchial mucosa and the inflamed pharyngeal mucosa try to get the often viscous mucus out of the airways with the cough reflex. 

The tougher the bronchial mucus, the more unpleasant the urge to cough, since the mucus has difficulty detaching itself from the bronchial mucosa. Many herbal cold medicines contain thyme herb liquid extracts or dry extracts. This herbal active substance has two properties on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract: An expectorant and antitussive effect. 

Mucus detached from the bronchial mucosa can be coughed up without any problems and the persistent urge to cough comes to a standstill. Acute bronchitis improves by loosening the mucus from the bronchi and the resulting reduced urge to cough.

Instructions for use PERTUSSIN syrup, loosens mucus and stops coughing!

Note the graduation on the measuring cup! Shake the bottle of Pertussin Syrup before use!

PERTUSSIN syrup, loosens mucus and stops coughing! WARNINGS

Pertussin Syrup should not be taken if you are allergic to thyme or other Lamiaceae, birch, mugwort, celery, sucrose or any of the other ingredients of this medicine. Pertussin syrup contains ethanol (alcohol) and sucrose (sugar).

PERTUSSIN syrup, loosens mucus and stops coughing!