PETVITAL Bio Fresh & Clean liquid vet. 1000 ml

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Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean

Effectively cleans and removes unpleasant odors around animals over the long term!

Special microorganisms permanently break down odor-forming residues such as urine, faeces and anal gland secretions, so that odors are not only masked but actually destroyed. Organic contamination with an unpleasant odor is removed naturally.

Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean has been dermatologically tested with the result "VERY GOOD", does not fall under the biocide guidelines and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment!

Typical areas of application are:
- Berths - Kennels
and enclosures
Litter boxes - Dog baskets
- Ferret enclosures -
Rodent and bird cages and aviaries
- Practice rooms
- Household: rooms, upholstered furniture, carpets, textiles
- and much more

This is what Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean can do:
- It cleans and removes odors of all kinds sustainably and environmentally friendly through microorganisms
- Urine, faeces, manure, sweat and saliva are broken down odor-free
- Removes strong-smelling area markings
- Removes breeding grounds for germs
- Reduces strong fly infestation
- Eliminates unpleasant odors in drains

According to EU detergent regulation:
microorganisms class 1, anionic surfactants below 1%, fragrances
pH value approx. 7

Shake before use.
100ml to 5l water, wipe wet, do not rinse.
Spray 100ml onto a 1l spray bottle, surfaces and textiles until dripping wet and allow to dry.

Environmental behavior:
Safe for humans, animals and the environment. Non-toxic, non-sensitizing. The bacteria are not pathogenic. Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean according to the basis for the environmental label RAL-UZ 84, sanitary additives compatible with sewage treatment plants. Safe for aquatic life.