PETVITAL bio protection dogs collar large 65 cm vet. 1 pc

Canina pharma GmbH

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Petvital organic protective collar large for dogs

The natural weapon against pests of all kinds

- Works on the basis of pure natural oils
- 35cm for cats and small dogs (with safety
lock ) - 65cm for large dogs
- Also completely harmless for young animals
- Protects approx. 3 months from new infestation
- Can be re-prepared several times

PETVITAL bio protection dogs Ingredients: coconut oil, glycerine, geraniol

Active ingredient: 0.05% by weight geraniol

Material: leather

PETVITAL bio protection dogs Recommendation for use:
buckle the tape loosely around the neck. Cut off excess length and, if necessary, place it on the animal's sleeping place or in another infested place. Depending on the size of the animal, it takes 6 to 48 hours for the effects to develop fully.
The bio-protection collar can and should be worn permanently.

If the effect of the collar wears off, it can easily be refreshed with PETVITAL bio-protection re-preparation.

Note: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.