PETVITAL Insect Shocker Spray vet. 500 ml

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Petvital Bio-Insect-Shocker

• Against vermin, their larvae and egg clutches
• Vermin such as lice, fleas, mites, ticks, etc. are destroyed within a few hours
• No resistance
• Petvital Bio-Insect-Shocker has a pleasant smell and does not create stains

The active ingredient is distributed on the insect via the aqueous solution and has a twofold effect:
1. The active ingredient penetrates through the trachea (breathing holes) and within a very short time displaces the water from the insect's body (dehydration), thus causing the pest to completely dry out .
2. The active ingredient splits the carbon bridges of chitin (insect armor) and thus enables:
a) an intensification of the effect according to 1. and
b) complete disintegration of the insect's supporting structure.

Mode of action on
clutches and larvae of insects: similar to above, however clutches and larvae do not yet have chitin, but here the proteins (fibrins) or coatings are hydrated and thus successfully prevent further development (metamorphosis) of the stage in question, or this leads to death brought. Recommended

Every 4 weeks, spray the insect-infested areas well with Petvital Bio-Insect-Shocker from a distance of approx. 30cm, especially the sleeping and resting places of the animals.
Also very effective in the horse sector.
Can also be used on animals, avoiding the eyes.

With reptiles, Petvital Bio-Insect-Shocker should not be used before the first molt, during or immediately after molting. The product is completely harmless to the fur and skin of rodents and hedgehogs. The same goes for the bird's skin and plumage.

Composition: 100g contain: 15g / l octanoic acid, 15g / l decanoic acid (saturated fatty acids from coconut oil)

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.