PH TEST Test for vaginal pH x 2 pieces, ph tester, ph meter


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  • PH TEST allows within 10sec. Vaginal pH test. By comparing the color on the test with the included color scale we obtain the result. PH is important for health because this deviant can increase the risk of infection in the intimate area

Placement test after 10 seconds in the vagina under the influence of mucus changes color. After comparing it with the color scale, you can check the result, which is a suitable pH value (very important for health, because this deviant can lead to a higher probability of infection in the intimate areas).

Use this product to examine the pH of the vagina. Recommended for women with frequent infections within the intimate sphere.

Apply the applicator to the vagina at a depth of 2.5 cm by pressing the test area towards the anus for 10 seconds. Then carefully remove the applicator from the vagina and read out the test result. By comparing the obtained color on the test with the color scale attached, check the result (this is the pH value closest to that on the test strip).