PHA dog joint sticks

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PHA joint sticks for dogs

Pack size:1 pc Dosage form:Chewing tablets

7 chewing sticks, 175g 
supplementary feed .
As a reward and at the same time promotes the animal's mobility and vitality.

Daily provision for healthy and flexible joints and ligaments. Contains glucosamine, green lipped mussel powder, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins to support the skeleton, immune and nervous system.
WITHOUT sugar, flavor enhancers and artificial flavorings.

✔ Healthy reward for mobility and vitality
✔ Supports cartilage formation and cartilage
lubrication ✔ Particularly important for high physical activity, fast-growing dog breeds or in old age
✔ Supports the elasticity of the ligaments

Dosage and application:
A PHA joint stick daily as a snack between meals.

PHA dog joint sticks Content:
7 chewing sticks, 175g

PHA dog joint sticks Ingredients: Crude
protein: 26.0%, fat content: 4.0%, crude fiber: 3.0%, crude ash: 4.0%, moisture: 29.0%

Meat and animal by-products (10 % Poultry), cereals, vegetable by-products, molluscs and crustaceans (2.2% glucosamine, 1.3% green-lipped mussel powder as a natural source of chondroitin), oils and fats (0.01% omega-3 fatty acids):

Supplementary feed as a healthy reward for mobility and vitality for dogs.

PHA dog joint sticks Supplementary

feed as a healthy reward for mobility and vitality for dogs The PHA joint stick offers a great opportunity to reward and at the same time promotes the mobility and vitality of the animal. The contained green-lipped mussel powder counteracts wear and tear on the joints. The joints are strengthened and ligaments get their original elasticity back, so the dog remains fit and flexible. The sticks are not only healthy but also extremely tasty.

PHA dog joint sticks Use:
1 stick daily as a snack in between, enough fresh drinking water should always be available.

PHA dog joint sticks Duration of use:
Use over a longer period of time is possible without hesitation.