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Philips shaver series 5000 | S5600


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Philips shaver series 5000 | Product Details

Have a close yet gentle shave with the Philips shaver series 5000 AquaTouch shaver. Enjoy the comfort of a wet shave, with the convenience of a quick dry shave. AquaTouch offers 10 times more protection than a regular blade, whilst still giving you the closeness of a refreshing wet shave. It has a MultiPrecision blade system with rounded profile heads that glide over the contours of your face and designed to protect your skin.

Using Super Lift & Cut action, the blades lift the hairs before cutting them, even the shortest stubble. The shaver heads flex in 5 directions hugging the contours of your face and neck delivering a close and comfortable shave. The close shave reduces the need to go over the same area again, resulting in less irritation with no nicks, grazes or razor burn.

The Philips shaver series 5000 head is designed to be clicked on and off with an easy switch to the beard trimmer attachment, ideal for trimming your beard from stubble length or to a neat and even length.

Both the shaver and beard trimmer attachments are fully washable. The Philips shaver series 5000 is fully charged in just 1 hour, giving you 50 minutes of shaving time which is about 17 shaves. If you ever find yourself out of charge, there is a quick charge facility where a 5 minute charge will give you enough power for a morning shave. The shaver features LED indicator lights to see the status of your battery, charging indicator, cleaning indicator, replace shaving heads indicator and travel lock indicator.


  • Model: S5600/41
  • Includes:
    • AquaTouch shaver
    • Philips shaver series 5000.
    • SmartClick beard trimmer
    • Travel case
  • Protects 10 times better than regular blades with less nicks and cuts
  • Wet and dry shave
  • 100% waterproof and washable
  • 5 direction flexing heads for a close shave
  • 1 hour charge provides 50 minutes useage (approximately 17 shaves)
  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LED indicator lights


    • Type: Electric Shaver
    • Brand: Philips.
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