PHYTOAPAISANT intensely soothing washing lotion

Laboratoire Native Germany GmbH

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PHYTOAPAISANT Intensive soothing washing lotion

Pack size:125 ml 

Dosage form:shampoo

This washing lotion gently cleanses sensitive scalps. Conveys freshness and comfort. Relieves tingling and itching. The scalp is instantly soothed with long-lasting comfort. The hair is supple and easy to comb.

Apply part by part to the dry scalp. Distribute well by massaging in order to achieve the effect of “wet hair roots”. Use more of the product if necessary. Add a little water while rubbing in. Repeat until the product is completely emulsified. Rinse thoroughly.


  • Soapwort extract: removes impurities without damaging or drying out the scalp. Maintains and strengthens the skin barrier without attacking the skin lipids.

  • PREBIOTIC COMPLEX: promotes the multiplication of beneficial bacteria and reduces the number of pro-inflammatory microorganisms.

LEINDOTTER OIL: Promotes the rebuilding of the skin barrier and regulates the inflammatory pathways. Reduces scalp irritation, tingling and discomfort.