PHYTOAPAISANT soothing serum against itching

Laboratoire Native Germany GmbH

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PHYTOAPAISANT Soothing serum against itching

Pack size: 50 ml

This soothing serum soothes itching and soothes sensitive areas immediately. The scalp is instantly soothed, the sensation of tingling and itching is immediately reduced.

Apply to affected areas. DO NOT RINSE. Remove the ring on the cap before using it for the first time. For daily use.


  • Linden blossom and passion blossom extracts (50%): soothe irritated and sensitive scalps by restoring the skin's protective barrier.
  • Szechuan pepper extract: inhibits the activity of the TRP nerve receptors, which contribute to itching and tingling. Has soothing properties.
  • H2O-moisturizing micro-patch: Serves as protection and water spreader by rebuilding the skin barrier. Restores the wellbeing of the scalp through instant hydration.
  • Jujube Bark Extract: Reduces the inflammatory reaction, inhibits the stimulation of nerve fibers, thus relieving discomfort and itching on the scalp.