PIASCLEDINE 300 mg x 30 capsules

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  • Piascledine 300 mg. Piascledine links 300, selecting fractions from avocado oil and soybean oil, which float on the condition of articular cartilage and thereby help to endure the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

PIASCLEDINE Composition:
1 capsule. Contains 100 mg saponifiable matter of avocado oil and 200 mg saponifiable matter of soybean oil.

The mechanism of action involves the reconstruction of the extracellular matrix of articular cartilage may be imparted by enhancing expression of the transforming growth factor beta (TGF beta) in chondrocytes.

Adjunctive treatment of osteoarthritis and the accompanying pain.

Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation PIASCLEDINE. Children under 12 years of age

Oral. 1 caps. Per day with a meal. The capsules should be swallowed whole with a glass of water.