PiC Ice Spray 400ml ice spray Menthol

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PiC Ice Spray 400ml ice spray Menthol

PiC Ice Spray Menthol in an aerosol is a preparation that is an indispensable equipment in the first aid kit of athletes and physically active people. Due to the fact that it immediately cools the place of injury, it brings the expected relief. Effectively delays the appearance of swelling. Sorry UK only.

Composition of Menthol PiC Ice Spray ice spray:

Menthol 0.06%; isopropyl alcohol 2.06%; isopropyl myristate 2%; butane / propane 3.2 bar 95.88%.

Operation of Menthol PiC Ice Spray ice spray:

One of the most effective methods of relieving the effects of injuries, fractures, sprains, hematomas, displacements, tears, and tendon inflammations. Menthol PiC Ice Spray ice spray reduces pain, reduces the risk of bleeding and the appearance of swelling and bruising, because it constricts the blood vessels. The preparation allows you to continue physical activity in the event of a minor, minor injury. The strong cooling effect brings instant relief from sprains and bruises. The rapid cooling effect is possible due to the expansion of the pressurized carrier gas. Additionally, the feeling of coolness at the place of application is provided by menthol.

Medical device Menthol PiC Ice Spray ice spray intended for local cooling of injuries - sprains, sprains, contusions, strains and muscle strains.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Protect against direct sunlight. Pressurized container - do not pierce, pierce, or heat up.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation. It should not be used on epithelium, wounds and abrasions.

How to use Menthol PiC Ice spray:

Spray the injury site from a distance of 25 cm. Spray for no more than 5 seconds. If the preparation is sprayed for more than 5 seconds or from a distance of less than 25 cm, the application site may frostbite.