PIGMENTUM CASTELLANI 125g, disinfectant and an antifungal


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PIGMENTUM CASTELLANI 125g,  disinfectant and an antifungal

PIGMENTUM CASTELLANI contains phenol, resorcinol, boric acid and other ingredients that make this preparation an effective disinfectant and an antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent in the case of open wounds and other skin injuries.


The active substances of the drug are phenol, resorcinol, boric acid. 1 g of the liquid contains: 40 mg of phenol, 80 mg of resorcinol, 8 mg of boric acid. the other ingredients of the drug are: acetone, ethanol 96%, alkaline fuchsin, purified water.


PIGMENTUM CASTELLANI,  disinfectant and an antifungal Action:

The preparation intended for external use, works on the basis of boric acid, which has mild disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties in the case of local inflammations. Additionally, it has a weak batteryiostatic and fungistatic effect. Phenol, resorcinol, minimally disinfects and exfoliates.

- allergic to the components of the preparation
- open wounds, mucous membranes, extensive inflammatory changes, oozing changes


PIGMENTUM CASTELLANI,  disinfectant and an antifungal Indications:

It is recommended to use the ointment in the case of local inflammation caused by the presence of fungi or bacteria.

It is recommended to use externally, on the affected skin by repeating the activity x 2-3 / 24h.