Pill cutter APTEO Tablet cutter x 1 piece, pill splitter, medicine cutter

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  • Pill cutter, pill splitter, medicine cutter. APTEO Tablet cutter is a medical device that allows precise and precise separation of the drug halves into two equal parts. It is easy to use and extremely practical.

APTEO Tablet cutter is a convenient to use medical product. It is safe and easy to use (can be used by both advanced and manual ones). Its use allows for a very precise separation of the tablets into two harmonious halves (without crushing or breaking into uneven parts). APTEO Tablet cutter is in a practical, compact case. It takes up little space in each medicine cabinet.

It is recommended to use a cutter to evenly distribute the tablet in two equal parts (especially when your doctor recommended using 0.5 tablets or you have trouble swallowing the entire tablet).

How to use:
Use, if necessary, to cut the tablets (especially with medical advice to take 0.5 tablets).