PINE OIL natural, ethereal

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Pine oil 100% pure Fragrance

pack size:10ml Dosage form:oil, essential

PINE OIL character: woody, fresh, resinous, spicy

• Promotes a restful sleep and health well-being • Promotes
concentration, relieves anxiety, helps with cold symptoms
• Pine oil is ideal for aromatherapy and for aroma diffusers 
• Patented violet glass bottle protects the valuable essential oil from UV exposure and ensures longer stability and effectiveness of the oil
• 100% pure therapeutic grade essential

The positive health effects of stone pine oil (Pinus cembra) have been valued in its homeland for centuries: it calms and strengthens body, mind and soul and increases well-being. The warm, woody scent of Swiss stone pine drives away stress and worries and promotes restful sleep. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and immune system-boosting effects, it is an important part of cold mixtures. The stone pine oil cleans the air you breathe and drives away moths and bugs.

PINE OIL natural, ethereal Cosmetics for aromatic care of the skin.