PINE SYRUP with Vitamin C 100ml, pine cough syrup, bronchosan pine cough syrup

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  • PINE SYRUP with Vitamin C is a natural formulation that exhibits strengthening the body. It works immunostimulating and stimulates the body's natural defenses and alleviates the symptoms of fatigue.

Sorbitol, an extract of pine buds - 10%, Vitamin C - 0.1%, sodium benzoate (preservative),
content of pine buds in terms of the recommended daily intake portion of the syrup (ie. 3 teaspoons) is 360 mg. The daily dose of syrup contains 18 mg of vitamin C, which accounts for 23% of the recommended daily intake.

The product belongs to the broad category of complex dietary supplements. It consists of an extract of pine buds, whose intake in the period increased incidence of colds and flu, strengthens the body. In addition, preparation is a source of vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties and stimulates the natural defense mechanisms of the body. Increases resistance, and neutralizes the symptoms of fatigue. Due to the fact that it contains sugar is well suited for use in control of glucose levels.

- allergic to ingredients

It is recommended to use the syrup in the autumn and winter, especially in the case of dry, tiring cough. It can be used by diabetics.

To use:
Apply orally at a dose of 1 teaspoon x 3/24.