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PINK EKO The pregnancy test allows a short and simple test, the effectiveness of which is determined at 99%. It can be done after 6 days from the time of probable fertilization.

PINK EKO Pregnancy test Action:
The product is a plate test, which is very popular. Its implementation is extremely simple. It requires getting a small amount of urine (preferably morning) into a dry and clean container. Later, use the attached sterile pipette to collect a few drops of urine, which must be applied to the appropriate marked place on the test. After 2 minutes it is possible to read the result (two colored bands indicate a positive result and one indicates a negative result). It is advisable to use morning urine for the test because it contains the highest concentration of pregnancy hormone - HCG (whose presence causes the staining of two bands on the test).

PINK EKO Pregnancy test indications:
It is recommended to use the test to check the level of HCG in the body and to determine or exclude pregnancy.

PINK EKO Pregnancy test Usage:
Apply externally. Pour a small amount of morning urine into a clean and dry dish. Then, using the pipette attached to the test, collect a few drops, which should be placed in the place marked on the plate test. Wait 2 minutes and read the result. Positive result - two colorful stripes. Negative result - one colored band. Repeat if necessary. The test is for single use.