PINK EKO Pregnancy test 1 piece


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  • PINK EKO The pregnancy test gives you a short and simple test, which is 99% effective. It can be done 6 days after probable fertilization.

Action: The
product is a very popular plate test. Its performance is extremely simple. Requires obtaining a small amount of urine (preferably morning) in a dry and clean container. Later, a few drops of urine should be taken with the sterile pipette supplied, which must be applied in a suitable, designated place on the test. After 2 minutes it is possible to read the result (two colored bands indicate positive and one negative). It is recommended to use morning urine because it contains the highest concentrations of pregnancy hormone - HCG (the presence of which results in staining of the two bands on the test).

The test is recommended to be used to test the level of HCG in the body and to determine or exclude pregnancy.

Apply externally. Pour a small amount of morning urine into a clean and dry dish. Then, using the pipette attached to the test, take a few drops to be placed in the shallow spot test. Wait 2 minutes and read the result. Positive result - two colored bands. Negative result - one color band. Repeat if necessary. The test is single use.