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PIPI NITOLIC against head lice kit 50ml, head lice treatment

ICB Pharma

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PIPI NITOLIC against head lice kit 50ml, head lice treatment

  • Head lice treatment. PIPI NITOLIC against lice contains Cyclomethicone, which covers parasites and cuts off their access to air and blocks breathing apparatus. In consequence, the lice are eliminated (and nits).

Cyclomethicone, surfactant, IPM

The preparation due to the content of the respective components that are not toxic insecticides, it exhibits responsible for combating head lice. It consists of Cyclomethicone. After applying the hair covers the parasites and leads to suffocation (this applies not only to forms of adults, but also nits). As a result, it prevents the development of lice and prevents retransmission of head lice. It does not require re-application.

Use in case of head lice scalp.

- allergic to components of the preparation

Apply the right amount of spray on the hair and scalp (so that all were wet). Leave for 60 minutes, then remove dead lice using a fine toothed comb. For short hair required twice application.


Set contains:

  1. Pipi Nitolic 50ml - spray for use in the treatment of pediculosis caused by the head louse.
  2. Nitolic nit remover 20 ml - emulsion dissolving cement binder, facilitates the removal of the dead nits from the hair.
  3. Nitolic Wash 20ml - in addition to the washing for the removal of head lice and nits and lice from clothing fabrics with which a person infected had contact, eg .: clothes underwear linens, blankets, bedspreads, etc.
  4. Comb Nitolic - gestures comb used to search for insects for diagnostic purposes and the removal of dead lice and nits after the surgery.
  5. cap Nitolic
  6. contact list
  7. The book "The problem with the head", through which you can while away the time your child at the time of application Pipi Nitolic and explain to him that the problem of lice is not as scary as it may seem.